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Detaching from Detachment: Don’t think of a pink elephant!

A friend asked me to write about detachment and that blocked my thoughts so every time I sit to write I only hear DE TA CHMENT! So I’m just posting this to let go of that scratchy voice in the back of my head!

Detachment can be tricky to a point where you get obsessed with it. To a point where you will need to detach from detachment itself coz in the end what’s the point right?

It would take a lot of words to define what detachment really is and maybe if you clap enough and feed my ego I will make this a multiple part story.

Clap on people!

Buddhist call it Nekkhamma the art of renunciation, in the code of yogi (Yamas) we call it Aparigraha, for Muslims the word Islam itself can be translated to surrendering.

[I will definitely write about the 8 limbs of yoga (Ashtanga) soon stay tuned]

Different words for one ultimate goal; surrendering, letting go in order to reach a higher state of awareness; Samadhi, Nirvana, etc..

That won’t be our subject for this is too philosophical and I haven’t even had my coffee yet.

The struggle isn’t in the concept but in how do I make it work IRL. I don’t think you will ever find a “how-to” on it that will work literally for you.

I do believe that everyone is unique and everyone is on a specific path so you gotta find a way on how to make it work for you. For me, it can be easy and hard, simple and complicated depending on each day but the idea for me was to fight my conditioning by adapting a mantra and an action :



** A Mantra may or may not have a syntactic structure or literal meaning, mostly it’s something you repeat while meditating.

The mantra helps me kill all prejudgments, premature ideas about any idea that’s coming to my head.

That way I can try to look at it from the perspective of a child exploring the world not from a conditioned pre judgemental piece of shit. Drop all your ideas on how things should be or how you want them to be and look only at what IS.

The action’s ultimate goal is a push out of the comfort zone, take yourself to uncharted territories and think and do things that you didn’t even have the time to imagine yourself doing them.

Deceive yourself in a good way make yourself be aligned with a higher version of you and do today the things that you would do in your ultimate version. Not asking your skydive or climb Everest I’m just saying your higher self or version will definitely do amazing stuff (if not just stop reading this is not for you) but through these amazing things you also will have a regular life, you will eat sleep do the basic stuff better than you do them now.

So make yourself better by acting accordingly to how you want to be.

Now, how the hell is this related to detachment. Well easy before detaching yourself to reach samadhi or nirvana, you will have to detach yourself from your shitty self. Get your better version and this is a practical thing not a philosophical one.

You have the power to be a better person than you were yesterday kill yourself in order to be born again as newer better greater you. Deceive yourself and do what’s unexpectedly great!

What is good about it is that you will definitely fail. And that shouldn’t hold you back instead after tasting a sip from the “higher you” cup. Now you have known that you can be really greater than what you are now. So please don’t sink into feeling like shit. Do enjoy feeling like shit but make it a way to come back to that joy of being a better you.

It is a superpower coz right now I feel like shit, the last couple of week I dropped into smoking again (YES I did !) I ate junk food and I messed up my routine. No need to make a pain about it. It is what it is right?

So now I know how shitty I can be, which reflects a great margin of becoming better, because I know I WAS better I’m giving this shit up to get higher again.

Nobody will be perfect 24/7 but the more you let go of your shitty self the less your shitty state will smell.

That way every time you drop into your darkness you will have a little bit of light that can guide you back.

It is not easy.



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